• Milena Gaytandzhieva - Artist and Designer

    Original Paintings, Illustrations, Drawings and Pattern Design

    by Milena Gaytandzhieva

    Artist & Designer

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  • Migration

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  • Seascape by Milena Gaytandzhieva

    Modern seascapes

    Тurquoise impression

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  • Seascape Diptych by Milena Gaytandzhieva

    Modern Seascapes

    Sea Memories – Diptych

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  • Exotic Shore Painting by Milena Gaytandzhieva

    Exotic Shore

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  • Original Large Painting

    Marble Princess 2

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  • Pattern design collection by Milena Gaytandzhieva

    Pattern Design Collection

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  • Watercolor caricature

    Illustrations for a present

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Milena Gaytandzhieva - artist and designer -

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