Summertime 4

by Milena Gaytandzhieva

Original poure painting on stretched canvas, mixed-media art 30×30 cm/12×12 Inches

Original Pour Painting by Milena Gaytandzhieva

“Summertime” Series

These series are inspired by my jurney to beautiful island Thassos in Greece. The beauty of nature is alwas fascinated me and makes me full of happines and joy which I pursue in my paintings. I have used pour technique to represent the North Aegean Sea feeling of splashing waves viewed on top. I love the turquoise waters and have used spray paint to underline their softness and charm.

Title: Summertime 4
Medium: Acrylic, Spray Paint on Stretched Canvas, Unframed, Varnished on Top for UV protection
Size: 30×30 cm/12×12″
Year: 2019

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